Parenting Coordination Central


For Professionals

AS As family law attorneys, judges and mental health professionals assisting high conflict families, we
      recognize the need to consultant with one another and share our collective experience and expertise. 
      As a result we have posted a:

• Sample consent order appointing a parenting coordinator  

WeWe encourage you to share your materials, ideas and experiences. Simply complete the form found in the concontact section of this site.  Information regarding the implementation of parenting coordination will be addadded to this section. You may find additional information under:

• Parenting Coordination Legislation and Statutes

• State Task Forces

• A directory - "Locate a Parenting Coordinator."

• Divorce Products designed for the professional 

Be sure to view our parenting coordination training page for the basic three day and
our new advanced two day training for the experienced parenting coordinator.

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